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Rocket Queen

Rocket Queen – a gambling project from the genre of crash games, in which the round ends at an unpredictable moment, and the player decides when to stop the growth of the coefficient before the bet burns out. The game Rocket Queen can be called an analog of such games as Lucky Jet, Aviator and JetX. Since the game mechanics in these gambling entertainment is identical, but the game is designed in different themes.

In Rocket Queen there is only one character – it is an attractive nameless girl, whose appearance will charm every player. The girl seems to have arrived in the game from anime culture. The beauty from Rocket Queen is riding an incredibly fast rocket, the length of the flight of which determines the score in the round.

Name of the gameRocket Queen
TypeCrash Games
Minimum bet0,1$
Maximum bet140$
Maximum winningsfrom x10000 to a bet
Demo modeYes

Game Features

Rocket Queen from 1Win is hugely popular among players for a few key reasons. Here are the main ones:

  • A chance for a huge win, thanks to large odds, up to x1000
  • If the gambling establishment holds tournaments, and the game is in the description, you can accumulate points for bets, the value of which depends on the final result.
  • Clear rules – choose the amount and click – “BET”, then believe your luck.
  • Accessibility – the game is shown on a computer and just as well – on a cell phone, you can play at any time.
  • Freedom – people make decisions, whether to include demo or standard mode in Rocket Queen.
  • Vivid emotions – the excitement and sense of drive from the realization of getting a win from Rocket Queen

Game interface

In terms of interface, if you don’t take the playing field itself with the main character, the crash game looks the same as Lucky Jet, SPEED & CASH. Obviously, the developers of Rocket Queen intentionally wanted to create a similar game with a new character.

Rocket Queen в 1WIN

In April 2023, the popular online casino 1Win introduced the game Rocket Queen. In the collection of the gambling club not only thousands of gambling entertainment from various providers, but also unique games that are available only on the site 1Win. Exclusive projects 1Win includes not only Rocket Queen, but also Lucky Jet, Speed’n’Cash and other crash games.

If you are ready to join the bets in Rocket Queen with attractive beauty and big wins, it is important to play exactly on the provider’s site. The game under discussion is an absolute exclusive of the famous 1Win online casino and is not available anywhere else.

Avoid fake, unoriginal versions of Rocket Queen. Honest gameplay and regularly high odds in Rocket Queen can only be guaranteed by 1Win Gaming Club.

Gameplay – Game Mechanics

Rocket Queen offers unique game mechanics inspired by popular crash games such as Aviator and Lucky Jet. Players place a bet to follow the flight of a girl on a rocket and decide when to stop.

Key features of Rocket Queen:

  1. Bet Setting: Determine your bet size and press “Start” to start the reels.
  2. Multiplier Increase: Your winnings increase as the multiplier increases during the flight. The higher the multiplier, the bigger the winnings.
  3. Risk and reward: Rocket Queen is a high risk game where you can either increase your winnings significantly or lose a significant amount. The decision to stop and collect your winnings or continue flying is up to you.

These dynamic elements make Rocket Queen an exciting and adrenaline-filled game, keeping players interested until the very end.

Rules of the game

An important recommendation for newcomers to Rocket Queen is to read the crash game rules to help you fully understand the gameplay. A clear understanding of the game mechanics of Rocket Queen will help you increase the frequency of winning bets.

You can win at Rocket Queen from 1Win in just a few seconds. This is by no means an exaggeration, because immediately after the start of the round you can already withdraw money. True, in this case, the coefficient will be small. Therefore, most players are not in a hurry to immediately take the money, waiting for a decent multiplier – at least x1.5-2.0. What you need to do to get the winnings in Rocket Queen:

  • Decide how much bet you will play with and write it in the appropriate box. Do not make bets that are too expensive for you, so as not to risk the total amount on your balance;
  • As soon as the round starts, the girl on the rocket will go skyward. Watch the increasing odds, but remember that the round can end whenever;
  • Withdraw your money before the Rocket Queen round ends . The winnings are already in your balance! Even if you took the money with a modest odds of x1.20, you’re still on the plus side!
Suddenly the girl on the anime style rocket will fly above the playing field, after which the round will be completed. As long as you see the beauty on the screen, the bet is available for withdrawal. Try not to miss the opportunity to take your winnings.

Rocket Queen game bonuses

The game features bonus elements that significantly increase the multiplier of potential winnings. During the bonus action, the heroine accelerates sharply, and the multiplier grows faster. However, the maximum multiplier growth is limited here. For example, if the initial multiplier is 5-6, it can grow to 20-25, but no more. If the player withdraws funds after activating the bonus, he will receive a payout with an increased multiplier. The promo code for the first deposit is activated automatically upon registration.

Regularly gambling brand 1Win pleases newcomers and regular customers with bonus offers, vouchers. Play Rocket Queen for money only in 1Win, so you will have confidence in the originality of gambling entertainment.

Demo game

On the official site of 1Win Rocket Queen casino demo version of the game is available, where you can play without investing real money. Virtual coins are used as bets, which eliminates the risks. However, if you win, withdraw money from the demo account of the game is impossible. This version is designed for familiarization with the game, especially useful for beginners. You will be able to learn the rules of Rocket Queen, the mechanics of the game and the payout system to decide whether to play further.

Provably Fair – Transparency and Integrity

The key feature of Rocket Queen is the implemented Probably Fair protection system. This system provides players with full confidence in the randomness and transparency of the gameplay. Thanks to Probably Fair, every game result is guaranteed to be random and not dependent on the actions of the casino or the players. Thus, players can be sure that they are playing on equal terms with other participants, which increases confidence in the game and creates a comfortable gaming environment.

Mobile version of Rocket Queen

For players Rocket Queen is available from computer and mobile devices on the official website and in the application 1WIN installation and registration in which takes literally a minute of time.

More and more players prefer to play on their mobile devices, and 1Win provides that opportunity. Here’s how to download the app with Rocket Queen to enjoy the game anytime, anywhere:

  1. Visit the website. Open the menu and find the “Download” button. Select your operating system – iOS or Android.
  2. Download the file. Make sure you have enough memory and that you have allowed downloads from unknown sources.
  3. Wait for the download to complete. The 1Win icon will appear on your home screen. Open the app and log in to your profile.
Android owners can also find the app on Google Play. Unfortunately, the casino app is currently unavailable on the App Store.


I’m a big fan of crash games and Rocket Queen from 1Win has become my favorite. The game is available for both Android and iOS, allowing you to play anytime and anywhere. The game features the long-established Probably Fair protection system, ensuring fair and transparent results.
Pol A.
Rocket Queen
Rocket Queen from 1Win is my first crash game, I’ve tried many different games in this genre, but I wouldn’t trade this one for anything.
Lana D
Rocket Queen
I like the game, the design and sounds as well as the high winnings. I have been playing for over a year and I am on the plus side

Zack H
Rocket Queen