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Crazy Coin Flip

The new 1Win Coin Flip represents the latest development from Black Buffalo, a leading gaming content provider. The game is based on the coin flip principle, where the player chooses between “Heads” or “Tails” to win. The simplicity of the rules makes it accessible even for beginners. The game attracts attention not only with its high-quality graphics, but also with a suitable soundtrack, which makes the process more exciting.

Coin Flip was added to the 1Win Casino catalog recently, but it has already gained recognition among customers due to its earning opportunities and easy access.

Name of the gameCrazy Coin Flip
Developer1WIN GAMES
Minimum bet0.1$
Maximum winningsХ5000
Bonus gameYes
Increased chanceYes
Demo modeYes

Classic Coin Flip game

Although the exact origins of coin flipping remain a matter of debate, many historians believe it originated in ancient Greece. It is believed that players covered one side of the shell with black or very dark brown resin derived from trees. The other side of the shell remained its original color. The players would then toss the shell into the air and name the correct side, as we do now.

Today, the practice of coin tossing is common all over the world. Many sports such as soccer, cyber sports, cricket, tennis, fencing and others use coin flipping to determine which team will start the match first or to determine the winner in case of a tie. In decision-making or argumentative situations, friends and partners could flip a coin that would settle them. Sometimes even academics flip a coin to determine the order of authors in academic publications.

CoinFlip game features

The 1Win Coin Flip game offers a simple and fun gameplay where players only need to choose between Heads and Tails. The lack of complex options and calculation tables makes this game particularly popular among users. The simplicity of the rules allows players to enjoy the gameplay without unnecessary complexity.

  • The game is simple – no skill is required to win;
  • Chances of winning are 50/50
  • Minimum bet is 0.1$, maximum bet is 1$
  • The multiplier is 1.98x. Thus, the winnings are doubled every round;
  • The design is complete and clear. No detail of the game interface will not distract from the game;
  • The customization allows you to play Coin Flip at 1Win Casino with or without sound;
  • There are statistics with player names, bet values, odds and win amounts. These include data of the player himself and other participants.

CoinFlip apps for Android and IOS

To play 1Win Coin Flip on Android and iOS devices, you need to follow some simple steps:

  • Allow downloading files from unknown resources in the settings of your smartphone.
  • Go to the official 1Win website from your portable device.
  • Locate the 1Win APK file icon in the top right corner or at the bottom of the homepage.
  • Click on the desired icon (“Android app” or “iOS app”).
  • Once the download is complete, open the file and install the app.
  • Log in to your account, go to the casino section and enjoy playing 1Win Coin Flip.


Easiest game I’ve ever played. All you have to do is choose which side the coin falls on and place your bet.
Whilliams J
Crazy Coin Flip
The game is perfect for playing on the go, in the car or bus. Thanks to the Android and iOS apps, I can play anywhere. Super game for those who appreciate convenience and mobility.
Zack N
Crazy Coin Flip
Awesome game! it’s probably impossible to lose, I haven’t been able to lose my first deposit in like forever.
Lee S
Crazy Coin Flip