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Mines is a unique game presented by 1Win online casino. It is based on the classic game “sapper”. In this game, the player’s task is to cross a minefield, avoiding being blown up by mines. If the player manages to successfully pass the field, his bet is increased by a coefficient depending on the number of booby traps.

Opportunities and features of the Mines game

The online game offers players a field consisting of many cells, some of which have mines hidden in them. The goal of the player in Mines from 1Win is to walk through the minefield avoiding explosions and opening a safe path. The gameplay begins with the player placing a bet and selecting a cell that he thinks is safe. If the player opens a cell with a mine, the game ends and the bet is lost. In case all the selected cells are safe, the player wins, receiving a prize depending on the size of the bet made.

Name of the game1WIN Mines
Typecrash game
The year of issue2023
Additional featuresSelecting the number of traps
Minimum bet$0,1
Maximum bet$140


  • Simple rules and minimalistic interface.
  • The possibility of significant earnings.
  • Availability of two game modes.
  • The results are determined by a random number generator.
  • A wide range of possible bets.
  • The player can customize the number of bombs for each game.
  • Availability of automatic game mode.

Working strategies for 1WIN Mines

The Random Number Generator (RNG) determines the location of mines in each round, making attempts at prediction pointless. The RNG creates millions of unique combinations, providing complete unpredictability. To play successfully, it is recommended to use a strategy based on bankroll management and risk analysis. Online casino customers can play as follows:

  • Players choose only one bomb. The probability of hitting this particular cell is low. In the initial version with a bet of 100 coins, users can earn 101.04 coins, in the second round – 105.43 coins, and in the third round – 110.22 coins. At this point, it is possible to end the session and start the game again.
  • This tactic is difficult to fully implement in a Mines game, as the mechanics do not allow you to double your bet after every loss. However, it can be adapted. Players choose 20 bombs per round and start with a bet of 2 coins. If they lose, the next bet is 4 coins, followed by 10 coins. The maximum bet can be increased to 100 coins. During this time, the player needs to guess the safe cell at least once, which will reduce the total cost. The key is to keep increasing the bets even after losses.
  • Players place bets for 1 minute for an amount of 0.1 dollars. If the bet is successful, the winnings will be the same amount. It will not bring big profits, but it will help to stay afloat and minimize losses.
  • Grind, or Slide strategy is based on changing the size of the bet depending on the result of the previous round. For example, if a player wins, the next bet can be 2 coins instead of 4. If the round is a loser, the bet returns to the previous value. This approach helps to control the bankroll and not to deplete the deposit.

Provably Fair – Fair Play Guarantee

The Mines game at 1WIN uses fair play proof technology, allowing players to be sure that the online casino is not cheating them. The technology is based on the use of cryptographic algorithms.

This means that every player can make sure that the results of the random number generator of the conducted rounds are honest. The results of the rounds in the Mines game are transparent.

When playing at 1Win, you can feel safe as the casino uses Provably Fair to protect players.

Demo mode

Available for free and has the same features as the cash game. The only difference of the demo game is that the player will not lose or win money. To start playing in demo or regular mode, you just need to click a button and go to the game page.

Mobile versions

1Win provides a user-friendly mobile app, ideal for registered users. Versions for iOS and Android devices are available. You can download them for free from the website to enjoy 1Win Mine games anywhere. Before installation, follow the steps below to configure your mobile device to install files from unknown sources:

  • Go to the official 1Win website from your mobile device.
  • In the footer of the homepage, find and click the mobile app button corresponding to your operating system.
  • Wait for the iOS or Android app to finish downloading.
  • Open your downloads folder, find the installation file and click on it to install the 1Win app.
  • Once installed, download the 1Win Mine game to launch the app, register, connect, make deposits and place bets.


Mines is my favorite game this year, reminds me of the classic sapper I played when I was learning Windows. My intuition allowed me to earn money for a new car, soon I will buy a house.
Sara S
I love strategy. Mines gives me a chance to use my tactical skills and win large sums. I recommend it to all lovers of strategy and tactics.
Elly Smith
It’s always exciting with Mines! Every round is unique and you never know what will happen. It’s like a real adventure with a sea of adrenaline from decision making.
Scouth Winner